James Witts

Name: James Witts

Profile: Computer science graduate

Email: james.witts.92@gmail.com

Phone: (47) 4681 3842


HTML 85%
CSS3 65%
PHP 45%
About me

Hello, my name is James and I am 26 years old. I recently moved to Norway to be with my girlfriend, and I am very keen to start my life here. I have a Diploma of Higher Education in Computer Science. My interest in IT started a long time ago though, ever since I was a young boy working with my father on a charity project at passport maths. I enjoy working in teams and I have a lot of helpful traits to add into groups. I am very open to change, and I have transferable skills which I can tweak to what the situation demands. I like to keep an open mind and love to use new technologies whenever I get the chance. Often they lead to interesting ideas and new software for users that can become common use.

I am very sporty, for example I like to play football, badminton and go hiking. I hope to continue with these after having moved to Norway - especially after finding great conditions for snowboarding and a ton of scenic hiking routes on the mountains of Helgeland. I also like to play online multiplayer games where I get to communicate and strategies with others to have fun in a casual setting. I am good at following instructions in english and I am currently working on my Norwegian as well. I have been going to language cafes to help further my understanding and am loving what I have got from them so far.

I am looking for long term employment that will make me flourish as a team member. I want to expand my skills and knowledge in the IT industry and I wish to do this as a part of a team. I will do my very best to contribute to our teams success.

Past Projects

Find some of my previous projects and reports here.


Dr. Daniel C. Doolan

Senior Lecturer in Software Engineering,
School of Computing and Digital Technology,
Birmingham City University,
Millennium Point,
Birmingham B4 7XG,
United Kingdom.
Email Daniel.Doolan@bcu.ac.uk
Phone +44(0)121 331 7432

Rebecca Bow

Student Services.
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Curzon Building,
4 Cardigan St,
Birmingham B4 7BD,
United Kingdom.
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